Lorna Shore - Pain Remains

Song Packs and Full Albums Oct 24, 2022
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Lorna Shore is an American deathcore band formed in the late 2000's and has since released 4 studio albums and 4 EPs. Despite being mostly know for their 2020 hit "To the Hellfire", Lorna Shore encountered their first major breakthrough with their song "Life of Fear" from their Bone Kingdom EP. Since then, their evolved from a traditional deathcore sound to a more refined and melodic sound which could be described as "Blackened Symphonic Deathcore".

Pain Remains came out on October 14th, 2022 and has received tremendous praise, such as multiple music critics defining the album as a new chapter in Deathcore history and being Lorna Shore's best release to date.

Charter ឵឵


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