Charters May 7, 2018

Inventor has been around the Guitar Hero community since late 2013. Playing customs and watching the few remaining streamers at the start, he would later start creating custom 'Zones', aka texture packs, for GH3PC. From that stemmed the popular Warriors of Rock mod for GH3, and then early involvement in Clone Hero development and art in 2017. Mid-2016 was also the start of his casual streaming of GH3PC and Phase Shift drums.

2017 marked the beginning of his charting journey, learning to create drum customs for Rock Band 3 due to the active community around streamer BirdmanExe. Over the years he picked up guitar charting as well, but will always have a main focus on drums. With the addition of drums to Clone Hero, his charts became focused on the CH featureset- velocity dynamics, X+ kick notes, open notes, taps, etc. All charts of his are released in both CH and RB3 formats and are contributions to the BirdmanExe Drum Customs spreadsheet.

Invited to CSC alongside fellow drum charter Boo to hopefully bring more drum charts to future projects! Painstakingly procured full-band releases can be found on his YouTube channel, as well as Clone Hero drumming and charting streams on Twitch.



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