Hail the Sun - Culture Scars

Song Packs and Full Albums May 13, 2018
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Genre: Post-Hardcore
Avg. difficulty: 3

Culture Scars is the third album by the Californian post-hardcore band Hail The Sun. Guitarist Shane Gann said "Culture Scars is a term we came up with to refer to those scars, both physical and emotional, that come about due to certain things that society deems as normal and acceptable. [...] These themes are so commonplace in the world, and yet there is often so much trauma and hurt that is brought about by all these scenarios. We wanted to shed some light on the darker side of what we think of as normalcy." Lyrically, some of the themes on Culture Scars are the manipulative entertainment industry, the fear of dying in a car crash and police brutality, but also a very personal look into vocalist and drummer Donovan Melero's past, where he reflects on his selfish and drug-induced behaviour towards himself, his family and loved ones.

Charted by Chezy


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