GaMetal Power Pack #2

Song Packs and Full Albums Mar 18, 2024
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Welcome to the long awaited sequel to Roy Knight's original "GaMetal Power Pack"!

This time organized and entirely done by Miscellany, this brand new pack contains over 70 brand new charts all based on Jonny Atma's work under the name GaMetal. If you love metal covers of video game OSTs or you are looking for new games to check out, this pack is for YOU!

As a bonus, GaMetal created an unique cover in order to recreate the old school Guitar Hero III guitar battles, in the form of a "Battle To the Death" cover, with an added "Ultimate Showdown" section with some of Jonny's craziest solos yet.

A huge thanks to Jonny Atma himself for helping out so much with the creation of this pack in many different ways. Please make sure to go check out his YouTube channel and maybe consider supporting him on his Patreon.

Organizer & Charter ឵឵


(All songs by GaMetal)

9-8 / Showdown at the Tower (From "Donkey Kong '94)
All I Want (The Offspring cover) (From "Crazy Taxy")
Are You the Boss? Or Just a +1 (From "Silhouettes Mirage")
At Doom's Gate (feat. A lot of people) (From "Doom")
Battle on the Big Bridge (From "Final Fantasy V")
Battle! Champion Cynthia (From "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl")
Beware the Forest's Mushrooms (From "Super Mario RPG")
Big Shot (From "Deltarune: Chapter 2")
Boss Battle (From "Wario: Master of Disguise")
Bowser Begins / Bowser Returns / Bowser Bows Out (From "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle")
Bowser's Keep (From "Super Mario RPG")
Chocobo Theme (From "Final Fantasy II")
Dancing Mad (From "Final Fantasy VI")
Death Wind (From "F-Zero")
Devil's Call In Your Heart (feat. A lot of people) (From "F-Zero X")
Dodo's Coming!! (From "Super Mario RPG")
Doomsday Zone - Big Arms Battle (From "Sonic 3 & Knuckles")
Ending (From "Super Mario World")
Fight Agains Culex (From "Super Mario RPG")
Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster (From "Super Mario RPG")
Fight Against an Armed Boss (From "Super Mario RPG")
Final Bowser Battle - Fated Battle (From "Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2")
Force Your Way (feat. ToxicxEternity) (From "Final Fantasy VIII")
GaMetalCube (GameCube Medley)
God Shattering Star (Feat. Nicolas Daoust) (From "Fire Emblem: Three Houses")
Gourmet Race (From "Kirby Super Star")
Green Hill Zone (From "Sonic the Hedgehog")
Battle To the Death (Vs. Jonny Atma) (From "Clone Hero")
Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure (From "Super Mario RPG")
Heart of Fire (From "Castlevania")
Hey, Let's Fight! (From "Mystic Ark")
Hope Never Dies (CO Theme - Brenner) (From "Advance Wars: Days of Ruin")
Hyrule Temple (From "Zelda II: The Adventure of Link")
Introducing Wario Deluxe (From "WarioWare Gold")
It Has To Be This Way (From "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance")
K.K. Rock (From "Animal Crossing: New Horizons")
King Bowser / Fight Against Koopa (From "Super Mario Bros. 3" & "Super Mario RPG")
King Olly Battle Medley (From "Paper Mario: The Origami King")
Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess (feat. RichaadEB) (From "Touhou DDC")
Legend of the Seven Stars
Level 1 (From "Silver Surfer")
Life Will Change (Feat. Sapphire & Sax Dragon) (From "Persona 5")
Live & Learn (From "Sonic Adventure 2")
Megalomania (From "Live a Live")
Megamix Mania (feat. DrumUltimA) (From "Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled")
Merry-Go-Round (From "Super Mario 64")
Morpho Knight (From "Kirby and the Forgotten Land")
Panic in the Sky (From "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge")
Pokey Means Business (From "Earthbound")
Wanting To Find the Truth (From "Ace Attorney Investigations 2")
Rawk Hawk (From "Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door")
Revenge (From "Everhood")
Sad Song (From "Super Mario RPG")
Slope (Booster Hill) (From "Super Mario RPG")
Smithy (Feat. Ro Panuganti & RichaadEB) (From "Super Mario RPG)
Solar Inferno (Solar Man Stage) (From "Mega Man 10")
Sonic Dream Team Theme
Staff Roll (From "Mega Man X")
Star Light Zone (From "Sonic the Hedgehog")
Tetris A (From "Tetris")
The Pepsiman Pepsi Jam (feat. A lot of people)
The Stains of Time (From "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance")
The Star Conquering Traveler (From "Kirby Star Allies")
Two Planet Approach the Roche Limit (From "Kirby and the Forgotten Land")
Ultimate Koopa (From "Super Mario 64")
Violent Storm (From "Baten Kaidos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean")
WANTED (From "Metal Max")
Wii Shop Theme (From "Wii Shop")
Wizpig (From "Diddy Kong Racing")
Wood Man Stage (From "Mega Man II")


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