Every Time I Die - Low Teens

Song Packs and Full Albums May 22, 2018
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Genre: Metalcore
Avg. difficulty: 2-3

Low Teens is a concept album that lyrically revolves around vocalist Keith Buckley's darkest time of his life, when he almost lost his wife and unborn daughter due to complications during her pregnancy. The song's lyrics describe everything he experienced during what he called "the longest winter I have ever seen". He deals with his grief, anger, suicidal thoughts and becoming sober in order to be able to care better for his wife, all while being trapped in their hometown of Buffalo, NY, during winter, which can be one of the hardest winters in the entire country. Fortunately, Low Teens is not an album about death, since both his wife and daughter survived and now live a healthy life. Musically, you can expect ETID's classic sound of chaotic and experimental metalcore.

Charted by Chezy


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