Fall 2023 - "The"

Quarterly & Monthly Packs Oct 1, 2023

Hello friends and welcome to the release of our first "Quarterly pack". The same good old formula from the monthly packs will be applied here; A themed full difficulty pack with various artists and genres to please everyone! This is quite "THE" pack.

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This Month's Patrons: ឵឵
3-UP឵ 410,757,864,530 GAY COPS ឵ Aaron C
Ace Alex Al Alex Van Damme
Andres Duarte ataeaf Brutesmile
Chezy Chris Langietti Crashy
Dan Fisher Daniel Hagås Daniel Richter
DirtyHertZ djentlee Dylan O'Quinn
Dyllan Kayes Eiriksson Fernando
fireexitman forsetha Grant Heath
HyperSugar Icy Shamrock Intars Students
ITO-Snake Jacob Klander Jake A
Jakx141 JhavA Joey Doucette
John Titor keppetor LaamasenJupe0
Le Tasty Le Vagoo LightlessWalk
LightThatIsBlue minecraftpig NB Rainer
Noah Peppin Nujaforever Quentin MERIAUX
Robert Howell Rudy Ryan Hougland
SerotoninMachineBroken Stephen Treiber Supahfast198
sussycrewmate Swimster05 The Herdsman
Tyler Merwitz van wolfe Wrighty Plays


ÆternityThe One
Band of SkullsThe Devil Takes Care of His Own
Bob SegerThe Horizontal Bop
Bruce Hornsby and the RangeThe Way It Is
BushThe Chemicals Between Us
CosmophobeThe Flesh Is Weak
DethTechthe joke isnt funny when ur the punchline
DisturbedThe Game
EtheriusThe Rivers of Sand and Blood
EXILEThe Next Door - Indestructible
Eyes Set to KillThe Listening
Fraser EdwardsThe Judge
GalneryusThe Guide
HalestormThe Steeple
James Norbert IvanyiThe Oppulent Martyrisation
JYOCHOThe End of Sorrow
Kanon OguniThe Flame Seal 135 Seconds
kulorThe Sawblade Factory
Lily AllenThe Fear
Live WithoutThe Denny's Grand Slam
Machinae SupremacyThe Second One
MadeonThe City
MardelasThe Fox and the Grapes
Memento MoriThe Rhyme/The Seeds of Hatred
MetallicaThe Frayed Ends of Sanity
MetallicaThe House Jack Built
Mike OrlandoThe Game Show
Moi Dix MoisThe Seventh Veil
newhavenThe Professional
Nothing MoreThe Few Not Fleeting
Ohio SlamboysThe
PolyphiaThe Jungle (feat. Jakub Zytecki)
Protest the HeroThe Divine Suicide of K.
QuadratumThe Dance of Eternity (Dream Theater cover)
ReplacireThe Human Burden
Rick Springfield & Foo FightersThe Man That Never Was
Seven SpiresThe Cabaret of Dreams
SilentroomThe Deliverer
SlugdgeThe Chapter for Transforming Into a Slug
SoreptionThe Nature of Blight
Stompin' Tom ConnorsThe Hockey Song
Takanashi KiaraThe Great Wanderer
TallahThe Impressionist
The Callous DaoboysThe Elephant Man in the Room
The Dillinger Escape PlanThe Perfect Design
The ErkonautsThe Curse of Scotland
The ProtomenThe Hounds
The Reign of KindoThe Hero, The Saint, The Tyrant & The Terrorist
The SmithsThe Headmaster Ritual
The Story So FarThe Glass
The TheThe Nature of Virtue
Unlucky Morpheus & UNDEAD CORPORATIONThe Beast
VengeantThe Unreal
WeenThe Argus


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