Alt Quest

Community Projects Jan 18, 2024

Organized by Python and FigNeutered, Alt Quest is a collection of charts spanning a wide variety of alternative and alternative-adjacent genres featuring both guitar and drums!

Alt Quest aims to be accessible to anyone and everyone by featuring a wide variety of intensities, offering full difficulty charts as well as blisteringly difficult songs for brave-hearted veterans.

Take the challenge and ascend the tiers to conquer the gauntlet or kick back and jam to your favorite indie tunes, with 71 unique songs to choose from there's plenty to enjoy.

Alt Quest features:
- 71 Songs
- 1 Full Album
- 12 Tiers
- 5 Artist Spotlights
- 14 Full Difficulty Charts
- Guitar & Drums on ALL charts
- Guest Charters

Organizers & Charters ឵឵
឵Fig Neutered Python
--- --- ---
Charters ឵឵
Benimaru C.H. Uruguay Debugmod12
Dime Goathilemia John Titor
Stickheadz32 ZukeG


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